Containership Cloud needs to authenticate with your Kubernetes API server, in order to interact with your cluster. The following authentication methods are available:


When this option is selected, clients authenticate without any credentials. For security reasons, this is not recommended. 


If your API server has basic authentication enabled, you can use a username and password to authenticate:

Bearer Token

If your API server has OpenID Connect authentication enabled, you can authenticate using a bearer token. This can be found in the access_token key, in your ~/.kube/config  file:

NOTE: In some Providers, such as Google Kubernetes Engine, this token expires frequently (as much as once per hour), and must be periodically refreshed. Due to this limitation, we recommend using Basic Authentication on providers like these.

Client Certificate

If your API server is configured to allow X509 client certificate authentication, you may enter the certificate, and key, in the screen below:

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