You can add or remove instances of a workload, as it's resource consumption increases or decreases. For example, if you expect a brief burst of traffic to your web application, you can increase the number of pods in the workload. Then, as traffic settles down to normal levels, you can scale back down, in order to conserve resources. 

To scale a workload, go to the Workloads  tab, and select a Deployment, StatefulSet, or Job that you would like to scale. In this case, we are going to scale the Postgres deployment: 

Select the Settings  tab of the workload:

Here, you can view, and edit the YAML configuration of your deployment:

Clicking the Edit  button allows you to increase, or decrease the replicas value, which determines how many instances of your workload runs:

Here, we increase the value from 1, to 2. After clicking the Save  button, two Postgres pods should now be running.

You can now see, that the Workload Overview page, shows 2 instances of the Postgres deployment:

And the Workload Detail page now shows the newly deployed pod:

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