Public SSH keys can be added to user accounts in order to be able SSH into nodes on your clusters. As you add/remove keys on your account, they will automatically be synced to your nodes.

(Note that for attached clusters, the containership  user account must first be created on each node.)

To add a new key, click on your avatar, and select Account :

Then, go to the SSH Keys  tab:

Click the Add SSH Key  button:

Copy and paste your public key in the screen below, and click the Save  button:

Assuming that your cloud provider's firewall rules allow incoming connections from your location, on port 22, you should be able to log in, by running:
ssh -i ~/.ssh/my-key [email protected]<PUBLIC_IP_ADDRESS> 

To delete an existing SSH key from your account, select it from the SSH Keys  tab:

Select the Delete  tab:

And finally, click the Delete  button:

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