In order for the nodes in your cluster to be able to pull images from private registries, you must add credentials to your organization. These credentials will be automatically synched to all clusters in your organization.

To add new registry credentials, first select your organization, and click Organization Settings :

Then, select the Registries  tab:

Click the Create Registry  button:

Select a registry provider, or choose Private Registry , to use a self-hosted private registry:

Enter your registry credentials, and click the Save  button:

You should now see the registry in your account:

After the credentials are added to your account, your workloads can run images from these registries. Workloads are only allowed to pull images, if the serviceAccountName is set to containership in the pod spec. This is to allow users to restrict private registry access, to specific workloads.

To delete an existing registry from your account, click View Details  in the screen above. Then go to the Delete  tab:

Then, click the Delete  button:

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