To attach a Kubernetes cluster to Containership, your cluster must run the Containership Agent, which is deployed as a DaemonSet . When attaching your cluster, you can also optionally add additional plugins, for logging and metrics:

Metrics Collection (Prometheus):

 Selecting the Metrics Collection option, automatically starts two DaemonSets , a Deployment  and a StatefulSet . It also creates Custom Resource Definitions, to manage the configuration of these workloads, and automatically update them when changes occur. These workloads run cAdvisor and Prometheus daemons, that collect metrics from your nodes and workloads, and allow you to view them in the Containership Cloud UI:

You can add the Metrics Collection feature to your existing cluster, by clicking the Add Metrics  button:

Logs Collection (Kubernetes API):

This plugin allows viewing STDOUT & STDERR logs from pods, in the Containership Cloud UI. It utilizes the built-in Kubernetes logging infrastructure to stream logs to your browser, as if you were running the kubectl logs  command in a terminal.

You can add the login plugin to an existing cluster, by clicking the Add Logs  button, on the Container Details page:

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