kubectl is a command line interface for running commands against Kubernetes clusters. You can use this tool to access your Kubernetes clusters by following this guide.

Before you can begin using kubectl , you must first run a few commands to set the context . After the context is set, all subsequent kubectl commands will execute against this cluster, until you switch contexts, by using the

 kubectl config use-context  

command. This allows you to use a single ~/.kube/config file, to execute commands on separate clusters, in multiple environments. 

  1. First, select the cluster you want to configure credentials with from the cluster list menu (you must have previously attached your cluster to the Containership Cloud UI). 

2. Navigate to the bottom of the Cluster Overivew Page and click "Show" next to the "kubectl connection info" block

3. Then, click each line of the expanded terminal commands and copy them to your local terminal.

Now, all kubectl commands will run against your Hitachi Kubernetes Service cluster, until you explicitly switch contexts. 


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