Each of your clusters have identifying properties, that you set when attaching the cluster to Containership. You can update these settings, on the Cluster Settings  page.

From your cluster's Overview page, select the Settings  tab:

Here, you can view and edit these properties:

Updating your cluster's Name  and Environment settings should not cause any service disruption. However, updating your API Server Address , will cause a brief outage, until Containership Cloud establishes a connection to the new API Server. 

The Worker Nodes Address property, should only be set if your cloud provider does not support external load balancers (such as AWS ELBs). Our API server needs access to the cloud-coordinator deployment, that is automatically launched on each cluster, after they are attached. If your cluster does not support LoadBalancer  type services, then the cloud-coordinator  deployment, should be available on the ExternalIP of the node that is running this pod, and the NodePort of the service. 

The Worker Node Address is used as a fallback, if our API server cannot access your cloud-coordinator , via an external cloud load balancer. When entering this address, the scheme (http:// vs https:// ) is optional. Do not enter a port value in this field, as our system will automatically identify the proper NodePort used to route this service.

You may also need to update security group, or firewall rules in your cloud provider, or on the nodes, to allow access to the Worker Node Address , on the NodePort of the cloud-coordinator  service. You can find the NodePort  of this service, from the Loadbalancer Settings page, of the cloud-coordinator service:

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