While services provide a load balancing solution for L4 (TCP) traffic, ingresses offer L7 (HTTP) load balancing features. You can define routing rules in an ingress , similar to how your would configure Virtual Hosts in Apache or Nginx. They allow you to configure routing, so that traffic is proxied to different pods, based upon the host name, or requested path. They also allow SSL termination, by referencing certificates stored in secrets. Ingresses work in conjunction with

To add ingress rules, click the Create button, and select Load Balancer :

Then, select the cluster where you would like to add the ingress :

Enter YAML to define your ingress rules, or drag & drop an existing YAML file. Then Click theCreate  button to apply it:

You should now see the newly created ingress , on the Load Balancers tab:

In this example, we configured a rule, that routes HTTP requests, to the /testpath path, to an existing service  named test , on port 80

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