The following APIs are required to be enabled in Google Cloud Platform or your credentials will not work!

Enable the following APIs for the project you want to connect credentials for:

Setting up a Service Account

You need to get credentials for a Service Account that has the "Compute Admin" role attached to it.

Option 1: If you already have a Service Account created that you want to use, go to and choose "Add" next to "IAM" at the top of the page.

Type in the name of your Service Account and then search for the "Compute Admin" role to add to the account. Press "Save" once finished.

Option 2: If you do not already have a Service Account created, you can create a new one here: 

Click "Create Service Account" at the top of the page

Type in a Service Account name, and choose the "Compute Admin" role from the list of roles and press "Save".

Getting your credentials

Next, you need to download your credentials in order to add GCP as a provider in the Containership Cloud Dashboard. 

Navigate to and click the "Create Credentials" dropdown and choose "Service Account Key" from the list.

Choose the Service Account you previously created or attached the "Compute Admin" role to and thn choose the key type of "JSON"  and click "Create".  This will download a file to your computer.

The downloaded file contains the information that you will use to connect Google to Containership Cloud as a provider.

Connecting to Containership Cloud

Now that all of the leg work is complete you are ready to officially connect your GCP account to Containership Cloud. Once logged into Containership, select the organization you want to setup from the drop down in the upper left hand corner and then go to Organization Settings.

Navigate to Providers on the left hand side and select Add Provider

Select Google Compute Platform and press Continue

Now fill in the fields with the requested information and press Submit.

Alternatively you can upload your credentials from the bottom of the screen.

You are now ready to roll! Refer to our cluster launch guide or our cluster launch video for a step by step guide on launching a cluster on GCP using Containership Cloud.

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