While the Containership web interface is powerful and easy to use, not all tasks are best accomplished via a graphical user interface (GUI). A command line interface (CLI) is useful for tasks such as automation. For example, are you interested in automatically provisioning a new Kubernetes cluster (or node pool, etc) as part of your continuous integration (CI) setup? You'll probably want to use a CLI for that. That's why we built csctl, an open source Containership CLI.

Csctl is easy to install by following the installation instructions in the main README. The main README also has detailed configuration instructions, including how to create and use a personal access token for authentication.

The csctl repository also contains the official Containership go client. For users that want to interact with Containership APIs programmatically, this is a convenient package to pull in.

Please refer to the GitHub repository for all of the latest documentation for both the CLI and the official go client. Also, as with all open source Containership projects, feel free to read the contributing guidelines and submit issues and/or pull requests!

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