*You will either need Organization Admin, Infrastructure Admin, or Permissions Admin to add permissions in Containership.

Containership employs deny all rules by default. To grant users access to your organization and Kubernetes resources you will have to give them permissions. 

Adding Permissions

Navigate to your organization settings which can be found by clicking on your organization name. Within the settings page click on the IAM section to open up a list of all permissions bound in your organization. Click on the "Add Permissions" button to begin the process of adding permissions.

Selecting a Role 

First you will want to specify what level of permissions you want to grant, you can do this from the role dropdown. To learn more about each role click here.

Binding a User or Team

Next, select the user or team from the subject drop down. (Note: if you select a team, these permissions will be applied to all members of that team).

Constraining to a Cluster and/or Namespace (Optional)

Lastly, roles can be constrained to a specific cluster, namespace, or both. This enables you to grant granular access to your subjects.

Other Options

You can also add specific permissions to clusters, users, and teams all from their individual detail pages. Simply click the permissions tab on those pages and the correct information will already be selected for you.

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