The Containership Cloud Platform will stay operational through October 31st, 2019, at which point we will be unable to provide further services to users, and the platform will be permanently shut down. It is important that your organization moves its infrastructure off of Containership Cloud in order to prevent unwanted disruption to your Kubernetes clusters.

Attached Clusters

If you have a cluster attached to Containership Cloud Platform, you can detach the cluster and continue operating it outside of the dashboard. Detaching a cluster will remove the containership-core  namespace which contains the Containership Management plugin, responsible for communicating with Containership Cloud.

To detach your cluster, navigate to your organization’s cluster list. Click the ellipsis next to the cluster you’d like to detach, and select “Delete” from the dropdown menu.

From the modal that appears, type “delete” to confirm you’d like to detach the cluster, and press the “Delete” button.

Your cluster should now be detached from the Containership Cloud dashboard. You will still be able to interact directly with the API server using the address you provided when attaching the cluster.

CKE Clusters

If you have a cluster provisioned through CKE, you will need to migrate your infrastructure and applications to another Kubernetes solution. After shutdown, the infrastructure that CKE clusters rely on, such as DNS, will be decommissioned. 

Below is a list of alternative managed solutions depending which cloud you are operating on:

Amazon Web Services EKS
DigitalOcean Kubernetes
Google Cloud GKE
Microsoft Azure AKS

Below is a list of open source solutions:

For a comprehensive look into more solutions in the market, visit the Cloud Native Interactive Landscape.

If you need assistance migrating your cluster’s applications, tools like Velero may be helpful.

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