After your Kubernetes cluster is attached, and the containership  user account has been set up on each node, you should be able to SSH  into the nodes, using a public key that you upload to your account. As you add/remove keys on your account, they will automatically be synced to your nodes.

To add a new key, click on your avatar, and select Account :

Then, go to the SSH Keys  tab:

Click the Add SSH Key  button:

Copy and paste your public key in the screen below, and click the Save  button:

Assuming that your cloud provider's firewall rules allow incoming connections from your location, on port 22, you should be able to log in, by running:
ssh -i ~/.ssh/my-key [email protected]<PUBLIC_IP_ADDRESS> 

To delete an existing SSH key from your account, select it from the SSH Keys  tab:

Select the Delete  tab:

And finally, click the Delete  button:

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